Suppress "The Flash Plug-in Was Blocked Because It Is Out Of Date" Error


I am using Chromium 12.0.742.112 (90304) on Puppy Lucid510 Linux and I used to get the annoying "The flash plug-in blocked because it is out of date" error [see image above] when I encountered flash content while browsing flash-enabled websites. 


Since I just wanted to suppress the error, [The proper solution obviously is to upgrade the plugin but I am trying live cds so I just want to live with as few installs/upgrades as required] I used a tip from Google Chrome support and started Chromium with the "--allow-outdated-plugins" option like this: 

chromium-browser --allow-outdated-plugins ""

and the error message simply vanished! If you have a similar error, remember this error could be generic so give this solution a try first on your other Linux distros before trying other solutions!


Check out this Google Chrome Support Link for more information.


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