Laugh And Always Be A Winner-On Level-1 Chess, That Is

[Dedicated to the average-chess-playing, success-starved, loser dude]

Had a tough day?
Was life too hard on you? 
Turned up a loser everywhere you've been?

Cheer up.

Here is a little secret to change your mood and make you a winner in a few minutes. If you can't win here, you can't win anywhere else, I guarantee it.

Buy the excellent Chess program for your mobile phone with a handful of great features. It comes from Odesys LLC and it is very affordable. Or at least get the free lite version. 

Now all you have to do is play LEVEL-1 with the computer. The computer plays like a drunk monkey, which is why you can win so easily. It has it's ruleset which always matches your moves the same way every time in the same mechanical way. And it can play in an 'I-AM-BORED-I-WANT-TO-END-THE-GAME-QUICKLY' kind of way, which is the kind of mindset you want to see in your opponent. So, it will play like a first-grader and offer you any and every piece on the chessboard in the most unexpected but predictable way.

I could not stop laughing as I played game after game-always laughing and always winning. And you will really enjoy this if you always lost against the computer on higher levels in the near past.

Go HERE to download it and HERE for a quick review.

Who'll win level-1 is anyone's guess. 
Who said you can't laugh when you play chess?
Did I hear you say you lost here too? 
This here then, is the place for you.


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