Create Animated Gifs With The Amazing Tiny GIFtedmotion

Animated Gifs Created With GIFtedmotion In Puppy Lucid Linux50 Serve All Web Needs-Big And Small.

Recently I created an animated gif image for the Daily Bible Reader-2012 home page with the unbelievably small [73k only!] but awesome GIFtedmotion.

Since this is really a java jar file, you can use it on any operating system that runs Java. Install JRE and you can create animated gifs easily and quickly. I really loved the pause-play feature [I couldn't find this in some others] that helps us test the animation first before saving it as an animated gif. This is indispensable because we invariably endup having to change the timings, reorder images etc.

Here are the steps to get going:

2.Download the giftedmotion-1.23.jar file from
3.Open an rxvt terminal and type java -jar giftedmotion-1.23.jar to start giftedmotion.
4.Remember to size all images the same if needed.
5.Open your images in proper sequence.
6.Re-arrange images if you have to.
7.Select a value for time in microseconds [1000 micro seconds=1 second] and select the check box to apply it to all frames. Obviously, this will vary depending on your needs.
8.Use the [Play] and [Pause] buttons to test(this is really great, so cool!!!) the
  animation before saving it.
9.Press the [Red circle] button to save the animation to disk.

The animated gifs you create are so versatile you can use them in tons of different ways for tons of different occasions. Especially useful when you need a quick-and-dirty animated image to replace complex sliders and slide shows with other dependencies like Javascript.

Here is a link to the animated gif I created with GIFtedmotion for my online Bible Reader. You'll see it as the page loads, just pause for a few seconds to see the image change.


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