Rox Filer: Move Files With The Rename Option

Rename=Safe Move

When I started using Puppy Linux (Puppy Lucid 50), as great as Rox filer is, I had a little pet peeve - no move option in the right-click menu to move files.

Then somehow, I once accidentally renamed a file and discovered that - it behaved like a MOVE operation!

If there is no file with a similar name at the destination, it moves it at once and if there is, then you just answer a "file exists, overwrite?" confirmation message affirmatively-even safer than the CLI move command if and when you need it!

Simple as that!

PS: Single file VS Multiple files

While this is true for single file rename operations, for multiple files
1: If the files being renamed don't exist in the target directory, they will be silently moved.
2. If the files being renamed exist in the target directory, a "file exists" error message is displayed. Remember that a multiple-file rename operation doesn't overwrite files-it just errors out.

PS2: Disclaimer

It's always a safe thing to back up your files first and test new things with test data and test files before trying new things on critical files.


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