Type Tamil Jokes For Website In Puppy Lucid Linux 510

Create Tamil Text Images With Charming Bamini For Your Websites.

When you are dealing with non-English websites, articles and text it is often impossible to get 100% of your target audience to be able to read your content  because of the multitude of operating systems and browsers that may not support your language font. Even if those websites let you download fonts on their websites, they may not work in all operating systems - case in point - Tamil fonts for Windows. Try as hard as you can, these won't display properly in Linux.

Even though things are changing, and new fonts and tools are being created and offered for download, most of the Tamil transliteration tools work only in Windows so how do you get around this problem?

Recently I had a Tamil joke to display on my website on this page but I wanted to make sure that all Tamil viewers from all browsers and operating systems are able to view it without font issues. While there could be a whole bunch of ways to get this done,  this is what I needed to do.

1.Download and install baamini.ttf font [ie. copy baamini.ttf to /usr/share/fonts/default/TTF, open/restart Geany editor and select Baamini font from Menu-View-Change Fonts].

2.Go to [],  select Unicode to Baamini and type Tamil text in English. The top text area is where you type or paste your text. As you type, the Unicode text on top changes into Baamini text in the bottom box [Works for sure in Chrome and Opera-should work in other browsers too].

3.Press the "Copy Baamini Text" button to copy the text from the lower box and paste it into the Geany editor after selecting the Baamini font to view the text in Tamil. 

4.Make a screenshot with mtPaint screen capture, crop and border, then using mtPaint or a similar image editor, save the image as a jpg or gif for use as image in websites or blogs(reliable for web).


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