Octopus On A SpiderWeb - And Reading Glasses

SpiderImage by Camera Eye via Flickr
A hot sunday afternoon.
You lie face up in your bedroom, looking at nowhere, wondering about life.
Something moves on the ceiling.
A spider, a BIG,HUGE,GIANT spider.
Well, what the hell, you've got things to think about.
Like that job interview that went south last week...
Like that message on the answering machine so totally incomprehensible you decide to complete an online diploma on linguistics and advances in modern phonetic research to see if that would help...
Like that wish to make the clothes in the dryer fold themselves...
BIG,HUGE,GIANT spider on the ceiling, right over the top of your head!
You can hear yourself say "Choo...Choo..Choo..Go away spider, don't fall on my head!".
Spiders don't understand English, you realize, or, it seems to be plagued by it's own worries.
BIG,HUGE,GIANT spider on the ceiling, right on top of your head, this time looking like calculating how many feet to descend, one foot, two feet, three or jump right on your nose.
You move a little here, a little there, hoping to avoid it crashing on your face, but it's still too dangerously close.
You don't want to throw something at it and get the whole thing fall on your face.
Octopus-onderzijdeImage via WikipediaToo lazy to get up, too scared it would fall any time, the battle continues for a long long time.
Lucky for you. There is an end to the pain.
There is a second spider on the scene.
The first one chases it and both are gone, what a relief!

A week later. Got a new job but can't forget that BIG,HUGE,GIANT SPIDER yet!
 "I saw an octopus on a spiderweb on the way back home !"
Orb weaver spider web at nightImage via Wikipedia"With a diamond stuck on its tentacles too.Ha.Time for you to start wearing glasses..."
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