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[excerpts from the DBR-2013 readme]

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Linux or Windows [Chrome or Opera].
However, it should work in ALL WINDOWS AND LINUX browsers as is or with minimum modifications.
IE users, please enable activex first!


  • Press [Home] to begin. Also press [HOME] after you have finished reading to let the animated Bible verse images play.
  • Press [Today's Text] to read today's passages. The first time you click, it may take a while to load.
  • Press [Random Date] repeatedly to read as many random dates as you like. The first click may take a while.
  • Press [Read Bible-BBE] to read from any book from the old and new testaments of the Bible[BBE-Bible in Basic English].
  • Press [Slide Show] to run through 80+ Bible verse images.
  • Press [Read Me] for help and instructions.
  • Press [] to visit of more than 24+ free tools. Remember to look at the quick view for a one-page view of everything important about and the blog.
  • Use the [up], [down], [pgup] and [pgdown] arrows to move around.

Reading The Bible

Probably the best way to introduce the DBR-2013 would be to refer to the introductory words of the reading plan. Short and sweet, better than anything I might have said myself!

"...Isaiah 55:11 tells us that it will never return void. King David proclaimed that he had hidden it in his heart.Revelation tells us that we are blessed simply because we read it. Jesus revealed that it was HE. What is it? The very Word of God!..."


I created the images used in the slide show with Font3dTemplates-an online 3d html wordart creator I wrote in November-December of 2011. This chrome-on-XP-or-newer app helps you create headers, banners, cards, flyers etc with regular or symbol fonts. A newer version in the future will include support for floral and other image fonts to make it more powerful and compelling. Give it a try and send your creations to to share them with others!


DailyBibleReader-2013 is free for your personal use. Please credit and the author for everything other than your personal use.

Download at

Don't forget to visit for this and 24+ web, 3d font, database and windows scripts and tools - Free!


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