MyFontYourFontHot - Any Text Hot Viewer

Make changes to text, font size and preview at once!

Here is the third tool in the MyFontYourFont series after the fontset viewer and post viewer. It is called the "MyFontYourFont-Any Text Hot Viewer". Unlike the earlier two, this uses a HTA viewer not the Chrome browser. This is required for scripting. The main advantage of the HTA viewer is the ability to change the text and font size and preview the content at once at the press of a button on the same page, unlike the post viewer where you have to keep the text in a separate file and run the program for every change of text. The disadvantage is that, unlike Chrome, I could not get the HTA viewer to display the bold, italic and the bold italic styles and weights for some fonts even though the regular font displays fine. There are lots of uses for the Hot Viewer including, but not limited to viewing your name, company name, addresses or even full passages like blog posts with ALL INSTALLED FONTS ON YOUR PC OR LAPTOP quickly and easily.

*View names, addresses or any text with all installed fonts on your pc or laptop so you can choose the best one.
*Change the text and font size any number of times and preview at once.
*View multi-line text like addresses, blog posts, web articles. Just use the <BR> tag for line break.

Read about and DOWNLOAD the MyFontYourFont-Any Text Hot Viewer here.


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