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MyFontYourFont-Vertical Viewer
TrueType Anyone?

Back in the old days, a web page was a web page was a web page, that was all.
You just used the same font for all the content on the page or may be added  a header tag if you were really enterprising. You did not have to mess with css, browser compatibility or any other fancy stuff so you always had a page you could bet on, which really was one uncomplicated sequence of paragraphs with the same font.
Times have changed.
If you go site to site on the internet for a few minutes, you can see how beautiful  the really good websites and blogs look with fonts that make you go green with envy.
While it is true that little changes to font schemes in your css stylesheets can make  unbelievable changes to the appearance of your web pages, it is not easy to visualize in your mind how different fonts will look or fit your design.
That is why excellent font viewers such as FontList that help you pick and choose the best font types and sizes for your websites become indispensable.
Looking for ways to get a comparative view of all installed fonts, I wrote two scripts  that suit my needs, are simple and free, but also very useful additions to anyone's  web toolkit.
Have a blog? Website? Need to see what your web content will look like with different fonts?
You can go bouncing  all over the place to find newer and cooler font viewers, or you could just download my MyFontYourFont fontset viewer and post viewer.

MyFontYourFont-Fontset Viewer-Vertical

MyFontYourFont-Fontset Viewer-Horiz
With the fontset viewer you can create a  one-page horizontal as well as vertical view of all fonts on your XP pc or laptop.

The post viewer displays your blog post or web content with every installed font on your pc.

MyFontYourFont-Post Viewer

Okay, got webdings, need to see my first name.  Mmm...I have a couple of e-gifts!



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