June 2013 - Sqlhtm Crosses Two Major Milestones!

The month of June, 2013 has been remarkably quiet for this blog and also the website. There has not been a whole lot of updates for several weeks since I am fighting all odds and keeping myself busy with adapting  Font3dTemplates wordart program for Linux (You must take a look at some samples made from this online application to start with!). So I really couldn't believe it when a couple of major milestones passed by very quietly and I was lucky to notice them! By the way, I am sure you'll love the fact the new version will have html5 drag and drop images, resize, css shapes and more new features.

Okay, here is the deal on the two milestones both of them all-time-highs for the sqlhtm website and the blog! [Hey, don't compare these with your-great-blog or your-great-website, okay?]

Blog - 10000 pageviews/month 
First we have crossed the 10,000 pageviews/month landmark on the sqlhtm blog [this blog,]. 

Website - 3000 visits/month
We also have crossed the 3000 visits/month on the website [] for the first time!

It's so unbelievable! Awesome! 
Thank you dear readers and visitors!
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