Savings won't even buy you coffee, dude, be warned!

What are the most satisfying minutes of your weekly routine if you are a married man with children?

Probably the saturday mornings when you sit together after your morning coffee or tea, watching your wife groom your toddlers: cutting nails, checking ear-wax, oiling and combing hair. Keeping the children in one place is a chore in itself!

Or, the idle time after these, when you push the morning newspaper and the clipped coupons away, turn off the radio and TV, and just stay idle - with may be the music player coming back to life every now and then! Time seems to stand still. You enjoy the peace and quiet but the children have gone on their happy-go-breaking-stuff routine. They have some top-priority grafitti to complete on the newly-painted walls today. 

Did I hear nail cutting? Where is the nail cutter? It's broken but can't throw it away, must try a DIY  on it. Not for saving a million dollars but just for the DIY thrill.

Okay, so you've got the top lever and the bottom cutters. But where's the central pin, the one that holds the lever and the bottom together? It's gone! How did it fall off? The top lever probably exceeded the spin count destined for it when it was manufactured and broke off!

Get a wire nut and a screw from the tool box. Keep the top lever in the cutting position over the bottom-base that has the nailfile and put the screw in place of the central pin top down through the center. Close the screw bottom with the wire nut and turn until it's tight. Now you can start using the "RE-PAIRED" nail cutter as ever!

How well it works for you will depend on the size and fit of the screw and wire nut and your patience-quotient. Everything fit well for me and I hope it does for you too!

Now, don't go breaking the central pin in all the good nail cutters in your home to experiment and blame me if you end up with a blotched attempt, okay?

Before cutting nails, pull out the little nail-file at a 25-45 degree angle so you can get a really good grip of the nail-cutter instead of complaining (like I always did) about how slippery it is on your fingers! I must thank an open-source picture of a nail clipper that suddenly reminded me of this trick recently, but I have used this before in my life every now and then.


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