Look Young, Dude! Here Is The Secret!

Wait a second, macho. In my worldview shampoo can fit in easily with the gender-neutral list of names, clothes and accessories! Go buy one with a man's image if you want.

What Hit Me

My last haircut hit me like the "BIG BANG THEORY".

No, no, hold on. It wasn't that I was hit with Newton's apple, it was the bottle of shampoo that hit me. The shampoo that I used to wash my hair after the haircut. What's wrong with it? Did they make it syrupy, alcoholic, drinkable too? No. Not yet!

Shampoo Is Golden

Now, I've always used shampoo grudgingly as a "once-in-a-blue-moon", "ladies-special", "what's-so-special-about-it" kind of common item. Quite the opposite. Used with discretion, there is absolutely nothing like it to improve your looks and your self-confidence at the same time! So true you can stop buying shampoo for the image of the models on the bottle and start buying it for what it is worth. A ton of gold!

I remember a few of the things I loved while at my last job every single day of every year there, among other things: my  morning routine of prayer, exercise, shower, coffee and my weekly routine of eat-out lunch and shampoo-hair Fridays. I absolutely loved it!

Haircuts When You're Little, Haircuts When You're Older

Why do I always think that I look 10 years younger after every haircut? It's probably because I am getting older and my hair is getting greyer! When you're young you can't care less about your appearance, but as the hair starts turning white here and there, your mind starts seeing red all over. Your heart panics, your mind refuses to believe what your eyes see. You can't stop cursing yourself for not soaking your hair in barrels of oil when you were young and careless. You become a hair scientist paying attention to details of how to control the damage and contain it in every possible way.

 Life changes things, sometimes very fast. Your youthful looks are speeding so fast behind you, you are reeling at mach speed within a few months or years. You had mountains of hair on the floor at the end of every haircut when you were young, now as you grow older you hardly see any, is the world Maya or what? Your jet-black uniform spread of hair now has started to grow holes all over. You cringe at the thought of looking at your favorite St.Antony's image or statue with the perfect bald circle for fear your hair might end up like his! You can't stop your efforts to replace your shock and envy with a look of amazement when looking at 70+ perfectly dark-haired people. Your determination to "just say no" begins to wobble in the face of competition at the job market and the social circles and you are almost ready to bolt from "never say dye" group to the opposite group.

Hair-stylist + Shampoo = A Win-Win For Everyone!

There is a lot of truth in the fact that the skills of the hair-stylist is an absolute one-half of however good you think you look after the haircut. But the fact that shampoo is the other half slapped me like a dash of freezing water on my face in the dead of winter!

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Shampoo - Two Great Advantages

  • Shampoo as a hair cleanser is so effective in cleaning the hair, removing the oil and grime buildup that happens naturally during the course of everyday life.
  • Shampoo as a hair straightener is an absolute wonder. Even curly-haired [much less curly now] people like me look so cool with straight hair, something I can't imagine anything else can do!

Tip To Look 10 Years Younger:
Whatever You Do, Don't Forget The Shampoo

The hair-stylist cuts your hair in various styles somehow effecting a fresh look to your hair at every visit. The shampoo completes the haircutting procedure making your hair thicker, fuller and absolutely fabulous-looking. That's why you just can't forget people you see on TV or in person who come straight from a shampoo-shower. They look simply too beautiful! It's the shampoo for God's sake! OK then, it doesn't matter how often, where and how you cut your hair, whether your favorite neighborhood hair-stylist or someone else does you the favor - remember to think of the shampoo in a special way. Because it deserves it.

People make your hair look great.
Shampoo makes you look absolutely gorgeous!


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