Cookieee - It's There, Just Did Not See!

Trip to the local grocery store. Need to eat something sweet, life's just too bitter.

Get that pack of cookies, walk back home and find out that it's really COOKIE MIX and not COOKIES inside that miserable box! But the label did not lie, it's there, just did not see it at the store! [Click on the picture on the left and look at the green arrows]

What's the best course of action?

-Shout 'aaaaaaaaaahhhhh' so loud it scares the neighbor's dog
-Throw the thing away so hard it ends up on the west coast
-Gift it to the not-always-friendly friend or neighbor who hates the practical joke so much he leaves 20 short angry messages because the answering machine would not allow him to leave one long polite message to show his disappointment
-Spend a week contemplating on the ridiculousness of human existence and why life is so cruel to a hungry person!
-Save it in the freezer for another bitter moment next year

Next trip to the local grocery store. Just need to think of yogurt with great esteem  because the label clearly says that it is "CULTURED"!


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