Multi-Search3's Hits Increase By 200% - Is It Font3dTemplates At Work? Stats[2011-2012]
I know what I did last winter - came up with Font3dTemplates, that's what I did!!!

The website hit count of [hosted by] more than doubled from 6000 hits to 12000 hits per month between last November and December, currently about 20000 hits per month. And the files count jumped up too.

What's going on - I wondered.

After some deep thought and some looking up, I realized that it coincided perfectly with Font3dTemplates arriving on the scene early December late last year. Look at the webalizer image above - It can't be anything else, it's got to be Font3dTemplates!
Click on image for bigger view

Font3dTemplates is so simple, so easy to use, you can come up with a card like the one above in no time. Click twice on any pulldown menu, and use the arrow keys to zip through the list and select what you like. Make a slide, make a card or two and you will be an expert at using Font3dTemplates in no time!

Just watch the samples slideshow, read up on the instructions, create some slides [your favorite quotes, Bible quotes, proverbs, wisecracks... anything] - and if you like your creation, share it with others too! Send it to [] so it could be displayed  for everyone to see.

Font3d Templates - Your wordart, slides, header, banner, poster creator for every need, yes indeed!

Jerome "Jcwhat" Christopher
"Mind is so treacherous you only think 
of ironing clothes when there is a powercut."


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