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This one first!

Here is an update to the Font3dTemplates [F3dt] online wordart generator but first check out this link for new additions to the Font3dTemplates Slide show.

Ding-Ding: Wingdings and Webdings - Put life into your wordart!

Do you think it's hard to create simple but beautiful cards and wordart with clipart images that come with XP+ built-in fonts only? Far from it. Take webdings and wingdings - fonts that come preinstalled with Windows. There is a lot you can do with them. At bigger sizes, colored and 3D-shaded, they are absolutely beautiful! The same applies to any good font. It's true they are not photograph-quality but they sure can put life into your wordart and I think any fair-minded artistic person would grant that the possibilities for creating an endless variety of colorful lively artwork are there for everyone. Just choose bigger font-sizes, color them up and increase the linesizes for the 3D effect - you've got yourself a solid foundation to build on!

Thanks - Part I: Open source, Puppy Linux and Bible Quotes

I intend to add more samples to the samples section of F3dt very soon but I am not sure how long it will take. Font3dTemplates requires chrome on XP+ but I don't have windows on my laptop now, only Puppy - Puppy Lucid 510. I have been living on Puppy Lucid live CD's, some of them remastered, for the past several months. It gives me most of what I need on a daily basis, it's really hard to believe what you could do with a live CD such as this one! Really amazing! I just can't applaud and appreciate enough the open source community in general, and Puppy Linux in particular for their hard work and giving that enriches the lives of others. 

By the way, the Bible quotes I used in F3dt come from an excellent site on the net  with lots of Bible quotes. It was a long time ago but I thank them sincerely for collecting and sharing excellent Bible verses with everyone! Let me also include the sites on the net with helpful reference material and problem resolutions - my sincere thanks to each and every one of them!

Thanks - Part II: The Picasa connection

Just remembered something. A long while ago, I think it must be before the end of 2005 when I was on the lookout for my next job, I was playing with some screensaver creators and ended up with a bunch of cards and slides that displayed Bible quotes. I wish I had access to better images but I had to make do with a few  free images including some that came with windows. I don't remember the name of the screensaver creator - I will defenitely mention it later if I remember it - but I thought those images were nice too! These images still live at I used a slideshow gadget to create a slideshow for my blog out of these. I love as a medium for storing, editing and sharing images especially this blog's images. It has grown admirably over the years and here is something else I have to thank Picasa for: Slides are nothing new and I have loved the Polaroid pictures right from the 80s but the slide creator button you see in F3dt was inspired by Picasa! 

Future Plans: Artistic Fonts and User-Images

The first future update plan for F3dt would be to use custom-made artistic/floral/fancy fontsRemember the "Famous People" font from Font3dRandomThere are a bunch of these fancy art-related fonts for download on the net.

The second plan is to make user images as backgrounds optionally. I had once tested some versions of F3dt along these lines but have not found a way to integrate them into F3dt yet.

Spare & Share: Your creations are welcome!

Spare a minute, share your wordart. Get going! Create and submit your Font3dTemplate slide/card/wordart to The funnier and memorable - the better! You can find them later on display at the user-submissions section of the slideshow at*
* reserves the right to display only acceptable and appropriate wordart


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