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Power cord DUH
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Need to measure something [your chest size, waist size, neck size, diameters of your lamp shades, wall-clocks, diagonals of laptops, tvs, pc monitors] and have nothing except your laptop?

No worries.

Go to a googled-online-ruler-website.
I used

Their home page has a colorful 1-foot ruler. Pixel perfect. Great.
If your screen size is not correctly displayed, select it from the pull down menu.
Make sure it is exactly what you'll find on a real 1-foot ruler.


Now, starting from the base of the plug of the power cord, measure your waist, neck or anything else with the power cord,  stretch it over the online ruler on your screen, and you've got your measuring done so quickly and easily with just your laptop!

Especially useful for measurements of diagonals of laptops, tvs, pc monitors or, diameters of your lamp shades, bowls, plates, wall-clocks or, circumferences of coffee can, garbage can or, any other thing like clothes, envelopes and printing supply.

The list goes on and on...

So you missed an mm here, or an eighth-of-an-inch there, so what? Shouldn't be a big deal!

Just don't go measuring your footlongs and your pizzas. Your laptop might get envious of your power cord and may BSD on you when you least expect it!
My BenQ Joybook 8100 showing the Dutch BenQ ar...Image via Wikipedia

Okay, enough of laptops, power cords and online-rulers.

Wish I only knew how many miles my power cord needs to be, to measure my pain.
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