Are Your Image Tweets Erroring Out? Stop The Fast Finger Syndrome!

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You managed to get that lucky, hard-to-get, once-in-a-blue-moon image captured on your cell phone. Or you just found a really funny or interesting image somewhere on the web and can't wait to share it with the world.

So you start your twitter session, press the image button from the tweet window to select the image from the hard disk and press the tweet button and are  greeted by the "Error creating status" or the "tweeting a photo timed out" errors!

Not just once or twice, you have been trying a number of times always ending up with those darn errors!

Here is the fact: Text tweets almost always get tweeted at once except during severe server load periods. But image or media tweets add extra burden to the tweet with their size. A small image with a few KB size may get by easily whereas huge images and videos are sure to take a few seconds to a few minutes for the upload to server to complete! So, what now?


Curb your enthusiasm, dude! Stop your fast fingers and try this first!

If your image tweets error out with the above errors, first select the image from the hard disk, WAIT A FEW MINUTES till the data transfer icon in the system tray stops blinking if you have one, which means that the image has fully been uploaded, and then press the TWEET button for a successful tweet! This applies to most image uploads on slow internet but may also apply to bigger image or video uploads even on faster bandwidth!

"Got slow internet and image tweets erroring out? Go slow, wait till the image has fully been uploaded, and then press the TWEET button!"


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