Rescue Your Trapped Cell Phone Image! Use An Upload Script!


You once had a Windows(XP+) pc/laptop and used the Nokia PC Suite [Windows only] to manage transfer of your files, images, contacts etc between your cell phone and the outside world. And then your hard disk crashed and took the Nokia software with it. Until the disk repair/replacement and/or new pc/laptop purchase you decided to take the Linux route to digital survival. You miss a lot of your comfort programs, your tried-and-tested shortcuts and routines but you've learned to accept life, one live-cd startup/shutdown at a time. Thank goodness you have fairly decent, if not better, replacements for any and every Windows tool from open source  on your Linux pc, but there still are some sore points, the Nokia PC Suite, for example. It is Windows-only which means files and images on  your cell phone are literally locked out if you are on Linux! And when your pretty niece comes calling about the birthday photo you took on your cell phone a few months ago, you're stuck.

[*See Note Below]

Not to worry. There's  a way out! With a mobile browser like UCBrowser and an upload script like file-upload.php you can solve your problem easily!

Just make sure that you have access to a web hosting account with cpanel or similar tools.

Then download and install a file upload script from the internet [I used the file-upload.php (file upload form) script from]. There may be others like it if you can't use this for some reason.

Now change the parameters in the script to point to your server:
    1. destination folder
    2. max file size
    3. success url
If you don't use mysql database, you can comment out
  • the 4 db parameters
    1. db_host
    2. db_database
    3. db_username
    4. db_password
  • the table creation part
  • and the
  • The lines between
    # if (DO_LOG) {
    and # // if (DO_LOG)
Start your mobile browser [I used UCBrowser-an amazing, feature-filled mobile browser] and type to bring up the file upload page with file name input.

First press the [Browse] button to select the image from the cell phone [E:\images\...\yourimage.jpg], and press the [Upload] button to upload it to your server.

That's all! Unless you have errors you should have your cell phone image now on your server from where you can download it to your pc/laptop or upload it to blogger, flicker etc.

In Short

Nokia Pc Suite is a Windows only software. While on Linux you can use a file upload script to transfer your images or files from your Nokia N73 or similar cell phone to your Linux pc/laptop or to other websites like blogger, flicker etc.


Keep this route to file transfer as a last resort. The other 2 options might be easier if you can get them to work instead.

  1. Mass Storage Mode: Use Mass Storage Mode from                                     [Settings]Menu--->Tools--->Data Cbl
  2. Card Reader: Simply pull out the mini SD card and connect to it your pc/laptop from your card reader

File-upload.php Gets It Done

Real-Life Example

Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here is how I used this method in a real-life situation. CLICK HERE to see an image of the century[12/12/12 12:12:12-image on the left] that was trapped and rescued using the approach described in this article!


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