The Most Annoying Pest With The Most Annoying Buzz!

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Where Did The Swellings Come From?

One day I noticed a little itchy lump on my arm. I looked harder and noticed a number of these tiny little lumps and bumps all over my upper body. I was mystified and terrified at the same time! Then I realized that these were the result of mosquito bite!

Top Ways To Stop The Bites

Mosquitoes seem to defy all known counter-measures such as smokes, vapors and rechargeable electric bats. Their whine is the most annoying sound in the world which is so unbearable. They creep silently on you when you have your eyeballs fixed on the screen of your PC/laptop, they suck blood so quietly you don't even realize it and they smear blood all over your pure white shirt when you accidentally crush them.

Futile Efforts: Day Time

As soon as you pick up your rechargeable mosquito bat [which is remarkably powerful in getting rid of every unlucky mosquito that comes in it's way], they fly up to the ceiling or hide behind every unreachable nook and corner of the room and wait patiently till you go to sleep. 

Futile Efforts: Night Time

After the day has knocked you down and you are alone with the unknown in sleep, helpless, they pounce on you [not all of them, remember, some of the weaker, kinder ones might go starving I think] and suck all blood they want. They get so bloody fat the next morning when you wake up, they dare you in the face so drunk, they fall on the bed and furniture and create puddles and streaks of blood everywhere you touch unknowingly.

No Entry

Trying to keep the mosquitoes away is really useless. Even if you cover all doors and windows with netting, they are smart enough to wait patiently near the front and back doors as if your doorway is the ticket counter and beat all human beings in entering the room the moment the door is opened. Just can't stop them!

Rain The Rescuer

My only wish is that it rained all the time around where ever I am because I have observed that mosquitoes go missing while it rains [they probably go on cruise vacations during rainfall!]. Not one in sight when it rains!!!

Feed The Lizards Someone

Life has changed a lot since I was a kid. I don't get to see any lizard catch a fly or mosquito these days however hard I look! Back in the 70s and 80s I remember them feasting on insects on walls to their heart's content!


Summary of Techniques To Fight The Mosquitoes

  • The SMOKE Technique: This is cheap but has average effect. Even if you buy a mosquito coil the size of the milky way galaxy, they'll still find some mysterious breathing technique that lets them keep on whining!
  • The VAPOR/LIQUID Technique: Probably the most effective. A little pricier but the most effective if you could keep your windows and doors closed. Mosquitoes have no chance, they flee or end up dead.
  • The BAT Technique: Rechargeable and so a lot more cheaper than other methods but require careful handling to keep them unbroken especially if there are small children around. Noisy but have such a wide hit area not even your hundred-year old great great grandma will miss a mosquito if she took a swing at it! Annoying as the sole method because you can't concentrate on anything useful, can't get anything done! Picking up the bat and running after a mosquito here and a mosquito there makes you distracted, angry and unproductive!


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