Sig3 - Simple Image Gallery For Linux

"No, no, this isn't a world band shortwave radio, this is Sig3-a tiny Linux image gallery generator!"

Sig3 is an image gallery generator for Linux. By making thumbnails of common image files in a folder, Sig3 helps you preview them and also open them with your browser where you can do almost anything and everything to them with browser addons and plugins.

For example, assuming you have installed ColorZilla for Firefox, when you run Sig3 and the image gallery comes up on a Firefox window, you'll also notice ColorZilla's colorpicker icon on the toolbar.[Enable it first with Menu->View->Toolbars->Navigation Toolbar]. Now click on it and move it over the thumbnails on the left panel of the Sig3 image gallery to view the color code of every pixel on every thumbnail! Just click to copy it to the clipboard so you can paste it without memorizing it! How cool! By identifying color codes of an image you can style the image's container or page with a matching or contrasting color in your web projects! This is just a little example. Think of all the image addons, plugins, tools, possibilities!

I built it on Zorin OS 7/Ubuntu Linux with a shell script and use it often myself. I am sure you'll find tons of uses for it. It's really easy to use, you can either type [sig3] from a terminal, [double-click] on the [sig3.bash] script or [Rightclick] on an image folder and select [sig3.bash] from the [Open With] menu to create and view the image gallery on your browser. Obviously, as mentioned later, you need to create a link called sig3 at /usr/bin and also make sure it is executable before you can do that. I used a Linux user account [jc] with root privileges. You might need root privileges to create the link at /usr/bin. Remember to disregard the square brackets used throughout for highlight and emphasis. Go ahead and read more.


Have you tried Sig3 on your laptop/pc yet? Have you at least tried the online demo? If you feel that things are a little slow or that the transitions don't work for you, it probably is the image size and number of images! Try it on a folder with small [clipart type] images and I guarantee that things will work perfectly! I experienced this myself! This is something I have also observed not just here, but also in many online image galleries; the more the number of images in the gallery and the bigger the sizes of images, the longer it takes for the images to load and the transitions to work. Also make sure your browser supports CSS3 transitions by comparing with other image galleries with transitions. Well, that's my humble opinion!


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