[Repost] Reuse Used CDs - Make A Coffee Mug Wind Chime!

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I've always admired and never stopped thinking about little toys that are powered by natural forces such as gravity, air and sun light. Anything that moves, swings, or dances for no reason is a favorite of mine [flowers, trees, windmill blades, toddlers above all]. So you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered an idea for an easy-to-do DIY non-stop wind-chime. This toy needs next to nothing. If you are a techie who loves coffee or tea and also natural sounds, then this will be your favorite toy, something you'll be proud of.


1.A tall ceramic coffee mug or clear glass 
2.A tea spoon or a small silver spoon 
3.An used CD or a bunch of used CDs
4.Constant air stream from a fan or open window


1.Put the CD on top of the ceramic coffee mug.
2.Slide the narrow end of the tea spoon through the hole in the middle of the CD [The spoon should be short so it doesn't touch the bottom of the mug. The top of the spoon should swing back and forth facing the direction of the incoming air stream. The bottom of the spoon should tap on the inside wall of the coffee mug] Depending on the flow of air, the spoon chimes nonstop.
3.Put the coffee mug with the spoon facing an air source with a steady stream of air like a table fan, ceiling fan or open window so the chiming can begin.


NOTE 1: Thirsting for a complete audio/visual experience? 
Try a clear glass instead of the ceramic mug.
NOTE 2: Only have a long spoon but plenty of used cds? 
Stack as many cds as you need to raise the height so the head of the spoon would swing back and forth without touching the bottom!
NOTE 3: Spoon too heavy and moves CD around easily? 
Stack a bunch of CDs to make them stable. Possibly try gluing them.
NOTE 4: No chime, stops soon? 
Move the CD or CD stack gently around to get the spoon to chime the best way it can.
NOTE 5: Had enough, need to stop? 
When you are tired of the music, would rather not annoy others or if it's time for the next cup of hot java, just pull out the spoon for the chiming to stop!
NOTE 6: Want some health benefit? 
Blow on it gently for a few minutes daily for a refreshing breathing exercise!

It's a big bad world of confusion and noise around us. Create an ambiance of quiet calm when you need it and also save the planet by reusing everyday objects like used CDs. Spend some time to assemble your own little personal chime that is waiting to be useful to you everyday of your coffee-drinking or tea-drinking existence!

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