Browse The Web, Browse Your Folders Too-Browser Versatility

Browser As Folder Viewer
Basic stuff, don't complain if you already use this everyday.

Viewing files from folder display on Chrome[Puppy Linux].
When you need to browse and view a bunch of html files in the folders on your pc, you click or double-click on a file to open it in the browser, say chrome,  and then close the tab or window to close it and repeat this over and over.

If you have a file manager which is capable of two-panel file preview, this should be a breeze but if you don't, then I think it is annoying to have to use the file explorer and the browser also.

So instead of clicking on every file in the file explorer one after the other to view it  on the browser and closing it, you can open the folder itself in the browser, click to open files and right-click and press [back]  to go back to select the next one in one breath. This saves you from having to switch between the file explorer and the browser for every file, definitely harder. With the folder display on the browser, you could also try and see if zooming out with Ctrl- [eg.Chrome] helps.

While most of the browsers should allow you to open folders/directories so you can view html and image files, some may not!

Browse the web, browse your folders, email, chat or tweet about why "chill"ies are "hot", just don't try to teach your browser to breath deeply!


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