Has Your Top NavBar Taken You To My Blog Yet?

Re-displaying Missing Top NavBar When Using A Third-party Template In Blogger.

Sometimes, trying to catch up with what's going on around me, I search for a technical blog on Blogger and keep moving from one random tech blog to another using the NEXT BLOG in the top navbar. I think it is one great and extremely useful way to traverse the internet intelligently. While this is nice and cool, I could not find it in my own blogspot blog! What happened is that in June 2011, I started using's excellent Aromax theme. I followed instructions for a quick and easy installation but found the top navbar missing. I forgot all about it until today when I just had to search for some way to re-display it. There are several templates out there and the procedures may vary but in my case,  here is what I did:

The code before:
body#layout #subscription,body#layout #topsearch,body#layout #footer,body#layout #footer2 {display:none;}*{margin:0;padding:0}#navbar-iframe{display:none}

The code after:
body#layout #subscription,body#layout #topsearch,body#layout #footer,body#layout #footer2 {display:none;}*{margin:0;padding:0}
/* #navbar-iframe{display:none} */

After the little change, what a great big wonder of wonders, the top navbar re-gained it's regal seat at the top of my blog.  My sincere thanks to for the excellent Aromax Template and to spavel [] for the tip that took me just where I needed to go. I only had to make some minor changes!

Now I think you have at least one-chance-in-a-million to see my blog when you go random-tech-blog-browsing!


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