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Tired looking for that program on the XP-Start menu? Make the program's icon the folder's too - and find things quickly!

After-Folders Have Unique Icons

Before-Folders Have Same Icon

When I install new programs on my laptop, I let the installer group them together under the program's folder in the Start Menu. What I end up with is column after column of program folders in the Start Menu with the same folder icon that makes locating a program I need a nightmare. So for some often-used programs, I decided to replace the windows folder icon with the program's icon. 

Step 1: Copy the program's icon from Start Menu:

First I opened the Start Menu folder of the program, right-clicked on the program's icon and then chose properties.

Then I opened the shortcut tab and clicked on the change icon button at the bottom and copied the desired icon's shortcut from the next window. Remember there can be more than one icon for a menu item.

Step 2: Replace the folder's icon with the program's:

I right-clicked on the program folder again from Start Menu-All Programs. Then I chose properties.

I clicked on the customize tab on top and then clicked on the change icon button at the bottom.
Now I pasted the icon's shortcut as seen the picture on the right below.

So I now have the folder with the desired program's icon. And it is much better than the "can't-tell-what's-inside-without-straining" old windows folder icon.



I am getting older by the minute and I wonder who lived the longest. Was it Enoch? I have to confirm using the awesome Bible program which has the fastest search in the world, in my view, till now. BerBible seems to have the results ready even before I finished typing my search query. It's that fast! One look at the folder icons and I've found my green cross icon. 

Got it already! By the way, if you thought it was Enoch, think again. Methuselah is the correct answer. Check out how many years he lived, please do, I am not telling you!

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