4-Key Clipboard Query Runner

Four-Key Clipboard Query Runner.
How to create htm-formatted output for ANY adhoc sql query from anywhere in 4 key presses.

You are browsing the web, you suddenly find that little one liner
you have to see run at once.
All you need to do is copy the one-liner with control-c , press Fn+z
to save it and, press Fn+x to see a colorful htm formatted output.
If you have a PC/laptop with a hot-key assignment utility [like my Toshiba Satellite - Fn-esse], you can use it for hotkey assignments.
Don't forget to add Fn-esse to your startup folder so it is ready when you need it.
Or, you'll need to install Winkey or a similar tool before you can use this.
Here are the 5 steps to do the one-time configuration, after which, it would be
just 4 keypresses anytime.


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