Use MakeHtm with ClipRunRightClick to run your sql scripts.
You can even create a neat htm viewer for the drab ascii files on your pc with MakeHtm!

1.Send your sql script to MakeHtm so you can run ClipRunRightClick

Send your sql script to MakeHtm

Run With ClipRunRightClick

View The Output

2.Use MakeHtm as a file viewer

Text File Before

File With MakeHtm

Everyone likes to use notepad for quick file editing. I am no exception. But when all you want to do is file viewing and not file editing - be it sql,txt,log,tmp,trc or anything else, you could give good old notepad and wordpad the much needed rest and try this instead. MakeHtm will embed any text/html file content within pre tags so you can view it in htm/hta format. 


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